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Our Mission is to provide a safe, sacred space for women to come together in community to grow, heal, and re-connect. By providing retreats, courses, and trainings, we create opportunity for women to expand in mind, body, and soul. Our intention is to be of service to all women in need and to bring positive change that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Women Supporting Women. Creating space. 
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We are Ashley and Christin. We have dedicated our lives to the betterment of women and are excited to take our vision to new heights. Instead of continuing to dream about creating  space for women, we are now ready to make it a reality. It is our intention to make women's wholeness a priority, as we believe that if you heal the women, you heal the world. Please consider the impact that women only spaces create. The ability to organize and come together is so important, especially right now. We are seeking the assistance from the women's community to help fund the purchase of a women only space. The collective power of women in extraordinary. It's time to support each others dreams and make our money matter in the world. As a community, we have the power to finance thousands of woman owned ventures by just donating a few dollars. By supporting us, you support our collective well-being and wholeness as women. You support the ripple effect that will bring. You support the idea that women can do anything!


We used it before the hipsters did.



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We would love to hear from other women entreprenuers, healers, activists, medicine women, etc...

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